Action Flocking


Realized by the OiOi collective, Action flocking is a collective action painting project, where the movement of people is visualized in real-time into graphics and particle animations that are projected onto the screen. The project explores and demonstrates collective visualization concepts that are based on location sensing technology. The concepts include a variety of game scenarios and visualization techniques and some of them can be played between cities. The purpose of the project is to invent participatory and playful forms to urban events. 

During Media Facades 2010, the project turned the Lasipalatsi Square into a real-time experimental visualisation lab, where people’s movements triggered various visual landscapes. On September 3, an Action Flocking event took place between Helsinki and Berlin, where participants from two cities contributed to a collaborative painting.

Action Flocking

Action Flocking was co-produced for the Media Facades Festival Europe 2010 programme by Oioi and m-cult.

The project premiered at the Lasipalatsi Square on August 27th 2010 and it was running until September 5. On August 28 the concept was realized together with the We love Helsinki dance club at mbar. During Media Facades Festival Europe 2010, Action Flocking also toured in Berlin and Linz.

OIOI collective – Sami Kämppi, Antti Kaukinen and Antti Onttonen – takes over spaces and surfaces by using latest detection, networking, projection and screen technologies. They create interactive collective experiences by visualising the activities of surrounding environments. Action Flocking was the first project by OiOi and led to many further commissions in Finland and internationally.