Giants of the Hoods

Giants of the Hoods is an interactive mobile guerilla art influenced street performance and urban VJ intervention. In the project, local residents participate by creating visual characters representing characters of their neighbourhood, and animating them with their own dancing and video scratching. In creating the animations, the team uses Animata, an open source real-time animation software, developed by Kitchen Budapest to create animations, interactive background projections for concerts, theatre and dance performances.

During Media Facades Helsinki 2010, the Giants team was touring with participatory dance events in different neighbourhoods. Their van contained a mobile VJ unit and a motion tracking system through which the Giant animations were projected on local facades. At the end of the tour, a dance battle between neighbourhoods was organised in a central city location. Besides Helsinki, the project was presented in Liverpool at the end of the Media Facades chain of events, on October 2.

The tour dates in Helsinki 2010 were: Thu 26.8. Kallio / Fri 27.8. Kontula / Sat 28.8. Tapiola / Sat 4.9. Dance battle, mbar

The project is realized by Sini Haapalinna, Markku Nousiainen, Pia Lindy and Matti Niinimäki for the Media Facades 2010 festival. The team consists of practitioners of media and performing arts. Sini Haapalinna is a live artist whose work is based on exploring embodied experience of space, time, kinaesthetics, and technology. Markku Nousiainen is a new media designer, artist and producer specialized in collaboration with dance and live artists. Dancer, choerographer Pia Lindy works through participation and improvisation in different collaborations, environments & contexts. Matti Niinimäki is a DJ/visualist/media artist who also  develops creative software for media arts.

The project was co-produced by the artists and m-cult for the Media Facades 2010 festival. The project was also a part of artist residency exchange between m-cult (Helsinki) and FACT (Liverpool), realized with the Finnish Institute in London. The production received support from AVEK and the Aalto University Media Factory.

DJs Magic Sam & Djicka. Graphic Design: Jukka Peltosaari

Thanks to: AVEK, Arts Council of Finland, Symppis, Kontupiste, Tapiola toimii ry/Juha Mäkelä, Kallio-seura/Raimo Nenonen, Flemari 23/Pirkko Vuorela, Larri Helminen, Matti Raitala, Bar Molotow, mbar