The 25th hour of Kallio


For the Media Facades Festival 2010, gallery Alkovi and m-cult invited a group of artists to collaborate on a media art process reflecting urban space. The 25th hour of Kallio was a collaborative workshop and process of collective curating, where 11 artists worked together for one weekend in the neighbourhood of Kallio.

Their intention was to reflect on social, political, aesthetic and structural issues of urban space in general and of Kallio in particular. Working collaboratively within a limited time, they also wished to learn from each other’s artistic process.

Miina Hujala: “Almost 24 hours of Väinö Tanner statue”.

The workshop kicked off during the Night of the Arts August 27, 2010 and the results were projected on facades in Kallio on August 29 and screened on the Gallery Alkovi windows until September 5. The collaboration also resulted in a new programme at the M2HZ channel to follow cultures of Kallio.

The participating artists were Maria Candia, Miina Hujala, Mari Keski-Korsu, Mikko Keskiivari, Kalle Kuisma, Arttu Merimaa, Sari Palosaari, Johanna Raekallio, Sari Tervaniemi, Tytti Viljanen and Eero Yli-Vakkuri.

Gallery Alkovi is a shop window gallery presenting experimental and urban art located in Helsinginkatu, Kallio.