Kallio Archive


The Kallio district in Helsinki is currently changing rapidly through gentrification and real estate development. The Kallio Archive is an open media service documenting the life of the neighbourhood on video. The archive collects moments from a disappearing city and publishes its materials for free use on the web. It is based on a concept of “near media” which reflects urban memories online – and is used and produced by the residents.

The first urban installation of the archive was presented in the Media Facades Festival 2012 programme August 23 to 26, at the bustling Kurvi intersection in Kallio. Passers-by were invited to create their own Kallio playlists with their mobile phones.


Kallio Archive is produced by m-cult in partnership with Viestintäverso cooperative. Graphic design by Kide Concepts.  Video footage for the archive has been gathered by a dozen urban videographers.