Binoculars to … from


In a simple and elegant way, the new piece by artist duo Mar Canet and Varvara Guljajeva Binoculars to… from combines two urban viewing cultures: those of tourism and surveillance. For the project, the artists have created a custom-made “tourist binocular” which opens a view to another city, where the viewer’s gaze will be simultaneously projected.

During the Media Facades Festival 2013, the web-based binoculars presented an urban viewing platform, where gazes were exchanged between Helsinki and Liverpool. The network of gazes expanded on September 6-7, when Binoculars were presented in several Connecting Cities venues.

Binoculars-project is co-produced for the Connecting Cities events by FACT Liverpool and Public Art Lab Berlin.






Mar Canet is an artist and researcher who writes code to explore new forms of play and expression. He works in the fields of computer games, data visualization and new media art.

Varvara Guljajeva uses new technologies to challenge traditional forms of art production and to find novel artistic concepts.