Urban Alphabets


Have you noticed all the letters around you? Would you like to create messages with a typography from your home town or a city you are visiting?

Urban Alphabets is an application that lets users use their smartphones to capture letters in their environments and reuse the typographical elements to write their own messages. It is a project realized by the Helsinki-based artist and designer Suse Miessner.

The messages written using the Urban Alphabets App can be sent to friends using social networks. This project raises interest in the everyday surroundings and encourages playful social communications.

During the Media Facades –festival the audience was able to collect their own alphabets or use alphabets found at the Urban Alphabets website and sent their own messages using their own smartphones or on-sight tablets on the Media Facades screen at Lasipalatsi. A series of workshops was organized in the mode of walking tours, where audience was welcomed.

The devises in which application can be used with: all ipads, ipad mini, iphone 4 and 5, ipod touch, most of the android devices.

Urban Alphabets installation was shown at Lasipalatsi Gallery and Lasipalatsi Square 21.8.-24.8.2014. 


Urban Alphabet was be presented in 7 cities, where users created their city’s Urban Alphabets collectively and broadcasted messages created with the alphabet via urban screens of the hosting cities – Aarhus, Berlin, Helsinki, Liverpool, Madrid, Riga and Sao Paulo.

Suse Miessner is a designer with background in architecture and urban planning. She is originally from Germany but is currently based in Helsinki and studying New Media at Media Lab Helsinki, Finland. She believes that New Media do change the way we act and interact with people in public spaces and that it can make our relationships to space more fruitful, playful and fun. http://susemiessner.org/

Urban Alphabets, website: http://www.ualphabets.com/map.php

Urban Alphabet was produced by m-cult, Helsinki, for the Connection Cities network.