Human Beeing


Our urban environment is constituted not only by the activities and processes of us humans, but also a variety of species that co-construct our habitat. Among them especially the bees are important for the natural balance and environment. Without bees, nature as we know (or made) would stop to exist, since they are most active in pollination on which one third of the human food supply depends on.

Human Beeing, an ecological videomapping project by The Constitute, honors the bees by making their activities visible in the city in a large-scale projection.  A custom-made hive was prepared for the bees and placed on the roof of the Lasipalatsi building. The frame of the hive was a scale model of the former bus station at Lasipalatsi Square, on which the bee population built their combs. This activity was filmed over a period of two weeks, and produced into a video projection on the old bus station facade. Besides the bees, the project was realized in collaboration with beekeeper Heimo Varonen and the Goethe Institute.

Human Beeing opened on the Night of Arts, August 21 at Lasipalatsi Square and was shown until August 24 2014.

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THE CONSTITUTE is a design and research studio based in Berlin and run by Christian Zöllner and Sebastian Piatza. By combining artistic and scientific practices they create interactive experiences for the public space. Founded in early 2012, with background in the VR/urban media art collective, The Constitute worked with several international cultural institutions and exhibited their works worldwide.

Christian Zöllner is coming from a product design background and is constantly moving towards interaction design, design research and design teaching. His activities at The Constitute are design research, external communication and concept development. He also is professor at the University of the Arts in Berlin where he hosts projects on experimental product development and new creative processes.

Sebastian Piatza holds a MA in product design. Beside his design practice, he holds workshops, runs a very successful club night in Dresden and is touring through europe with his DJ collective. At The Constitute he is responsibly for prototyping, internal communication and all financial business relations.

Human Beeing was co-produced by The Constitute for the Connecting Cities programme 2014 with the Public Art Lab, Berlin. Besides Helsinki, the project was presented in Berlin, Liverpool and Madrid.

Special thanks to: Goethe Institut  and beekeeper Heimo Varonen.