Organic Cinema


What if we can see and hear what plants talk about? What if we can pick up their inaudible whispers  – the signals, and make them audiovisual? By using the latest sensor technologies, Organic Cinema explores how local flora and fauna respond to their immediate environment. We will give them a voice!

Plants, bacteria and millions of other living entities surround us all the time and are vital to our well being – and they were the participants of this project. The main actors in Helsinki’s green installation were the Ostrich fern, the Raspberry, and the Ladies’ mantle.

Organic Cinema engages with the plants via a set of open source/hardware sensory devices which take data measurements from the action and variation potentials of the plants: electrical activities from within the cells of the plants in response to different spectral colours of the ambient light. The data will be interpreted in real time into visualisations which are presented on the urban screens at Media Facades – allowing audiences and passers-by to look at plants from a different viewpoint and discover their hidden lives.

Organic Cinema installation was shown at Lasipalatsi Square, 21.8.-24.8.2014. The collaborative workshop was organized at the Lasipalatsi Urban workshop, 18.-19.8.


World Wilder Lab is an artist group sharing the passion for environment, nature, living organisms, technology, data, science and most importantly combining all of this in artistic medium. As a group, World Wilder Lab is interested in using technologies as an extension of human senses rather than their replacement.

Erik Overmeire is a media artist working with robotics and virtual intelligence that expand into the physical realm. He seeks links between what is screen based in his practice with physical world, so that the line between virtual and physical reality becomes blurred.

Kasia Molga is a media artist whose practice is concerned with changes in our perception and relationship with the planet in the increasingly technologically mediated world. In her practice she attempts to facilitate an agency for sources of real time data, so that the representation of that data becomes a language of the source.

Ivan Henriques is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher working in multimedia installations examining different perceptions of time, memory and environment. He explores in his works hybrids of nature and (technological) culture creating new forms of communication between humans and other living organisms.

Organic Cinema is co-produced by World Wilder Lab for the Connecting Cities program 2014 with m-cult, Helsinki and Medialab-Prado, Madrid. Besides Helsinki, the project will be presented in Madrid and Liverpool.

Plant boxes for the installation designed by Jelle van der Beek / Puuguru. Plant design Minna Tarkka. The Organic Cinema workshop was realized in collaboration with Urban Workshop, Helsinki. Thanks to all participants for your input!

The project has been supported by the Creative Industries fund NL.