Night Searchers


Media Facades says farewell to Helsinki and the Lasipalatsi Square with two artists who have been intently following the night of the city.  Seppo Renvall and Maija Saksman present their film and video stories with live music on the facade of the Old Bus Station.

Seppo Renvall, Snadeja stooreja stadista. Bygone moments, reminiscences and atmospheres of Helsinki, of places and encounters, accompanied by the blues sounds of AslakChristiansson & theEskimos in original Helsinki slang.

Maija Saksman, Yö/Työpaikat. Maija Saksman has observed Helsinki nights with her mobile phone camera, through the lenses of which the nightly characters achieve monumental, pixelated scale.  Maija provides songlines for navigating through the nocturnal situations and meetings.

Seppo Renvall and Maija Saksman accompanied by Aslak & the Eskimos, Antti Halonen, Inka Ritvanen.  Lasipalatsi Square, Salomoninkatu corner, Sunday August 23, 21.30-23.00.