Meeting of artists and curators January 28-29, Berlin / transmediale.14

The meeting of Connecting Cities curators and artists was held in Berlin in connection with transmediale.14 , January 28-29.

In the meeting the new projects were chosen and the program was decided for the Connecting Cities network and festivals for the year 2014.

The Connecting Cities artists and curators joined for the official transmediale.14 program and continued with a Connecting Cities Panel discussing the topic Blackout on the 31 January. On the following day the Connecting Cities’ workshop analyzed the potential of urban media facades, visual language, audience and participation and telepresence.

Artist and curator workshop, Marseille

Curators and artists of the Connecting Cities network gathered in Marseille in February 5-8. to discuss projects and programme for the 2013 events. Hosted by Videospread, the workshop enriched the perspectives on the Networked City theme, in light of the concepts presented by the artists. Read more…