Night Searchers


Media Facades says farewell to Helsinki and the Lasipalatsi Square with two artists who have been intently following the night of the city.  Seppo Renvall and Maija Saksman present their film and video stories with live music on the facade of the Old Bus Station.

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Tales from Frontiers


Tales from Frontiers is an outdoor media performance consisting of facade video projection, soundtrack and live music performance.
The visual elements of the project come forth, change and hide in the continuum of lights, shadows and tones of the video projection. Are these the signs of a life once lived, or pieces of a language long since disappeared, or perhaps the remains of structures mangled by war? When looking at our environment, does our perception capture the whole or just the details? The work invites viewers to form their own interpretation. Read more…



Fish-go-Round! is a live performance for electronic music, Radio Helsinki radiowaves, lights and dancers, tailored for the Lasipalatsi Square in Helsinki.

Music for the piece is composed by Shinji Kanki, who has created an experimental work where sounds of 40 different species of fish emerge from an ocean of white noise. The composition is dedicated to the Gulf of Finland Year 2014.
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Dialogue – Deconstructed City

The new project Dialogue – Deconstructed City was an audio-visual project by VJ Group Random Doctors (VJFinland), in collaboration with experimental music and performance group Riders Of The Lost Current and sound artist Mér. The 3-hour spectacle took over the corner of Vaasankatu and Fleminingkatu on Saturday August 24, 2013.

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The massive increase of smartphone usage is having an impact on how we relate to the world around us. Everyone anywhere on earth is within our vicinity, reachable instantly in real-time.  A manifestation of this new hyper-connected reality is the Global Choreography project, a dance routine developed specifically for humans anno now, to which the mobile phone is almost like a natural extension to their body. Read more…

News Transformation Agency


What if we could experience daily news in a more personal way – and script a different future while doing so? The News Transformation Agency is a new project by artist group YKON, internationally known for their participatory projects dealing with utopian issues. The project approaches the overwhelming aspect of global news as a potential platform for civic action – for local, emotional and transformative standpoints.  Read more…

City Canvas


City Canvas is an animation project that illuminates street spaces with moving images, mobile projectors and light painting. The City Canvas crew leads participants on an animated walking tour evoking symbols and characters on urban surfaces. By projecting only ephemeral, fleeting traces, the project makes a commentary on the illegal status of graffiti and celebrates street-level creativity. Read more…

Giants of the Hoods

Giants of the Hoods is an interactive mobile guerilla art influenced street performance and urban VJ intervention. In the project, local residents participate by creating visual characters representing characters of their neighbourhood, and animating them with their own dancing and video scratching. In creating the animations, the team uses Animata, an open source real-time animation software, developed by Kitchen Budapest to create animations, interactive background projections for concerts, theatre and dance performances. Read more…