Conducting Senses


Conducting Senses is an audiovisual experience that makes possible for audiences to interact with large projection mapping in city landscapes.

Two leap motion sensors are controlled by four participants. Each one controls both visual and sound elements. The sensors enable the capture of a wide range of the user’s hands movements, emulating the gestures of a conductor in front of an orchestra and giving a 3D spatial feel to the experience, involving the participants and audience in an immersive sensorial environment. Read more…

Interrupting the Everyday


Snaking through our cities, often going unnoticed, are hundreds of adverts on digital screens that follow us as we journey through the city. Interrupting the Everyday is a project by m-cult and Tactical Technology Collective to rethink our urban environment and to reclaim some of these spaces for issues that affect our society. Together with a group of activists, community groups and designers, we will create campaigns that make visible and public, issues that are meaningful but not covered in mainstream media. These campaigns aim to open new perspectives to citizens everyday experiences of the city and its political underpinnings. Read more…

Future of the Square


In 2015, construction work will begin at the Lasipalatsi Square in the context of the new Amos Anderson Art Museum project to be finished in 2017. How should the square be re-thought so that it will provide a space for action for citizens and artists alike? These are some of the questions to be addressed by the debate on The Future of the Square, which is a co-operation between the To the Square 2 project and Media Facades.

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Organic Cinema


What if we can see and hear what plants talk about? What if we can pick up their inaudible whispers  – the signals, and make them audiovisual? By using the latest sensor technologies, Organic Cinema explores how local flora and fauna respond to their immediate environment. We will give them a voice!

Plants, bacteria and millions of other living entities surround us all the time and are vital to our well being – and they were the participants of this project. The main actors in Helsinki’s green installation were the Ostrich fern, the Raspberry, and the Ladies’ mantle.

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Human Beeing


Our urban environment is constituted not only by the activities and processes of us humans, but also a variety of species that co-construct our habitat. Among them especially the bees are important for the natural balance and environment. Without bees, nature as we know (or made) would stop to exist, since they are most active in pollination on which one third of the human food supply depends on.

Human Beeing, an ecological videomapping project by The Constitute, honors the bees by making their activities visible in the city in a large-scale projection. Read more…

Urban Alphabets


Have you noticed all the letters around you? Would you like to create messages with a typography from your home town or a city you are visiting?

Urban Alphabets is an application that lets users use their smartphones to capture letters in their environments and reuse the typographical elements to write their own messages. It is a project realized by the Helsinki-based artist and designer Suse Miessner.

The messages written using the Urban Alphabets App can be sent to friends using social networks. This project raises interest in the everyday surroundings and encourages playful social communications.

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Media Facades returns to Lasipalatsi Square, August 21-24

This year, Media Facades returns to the Lasipalatsi Square, where the new projects for 2014 will premiere on the Night of the Arts, August 21.

The theme for Media Facades 2014 is Participatory City. The are projects are shaped in interaction with the citizens – and this year also with other representatives of urban nature, such as the plants and the bees!

More information on the MFF2014 programme in the coming weeks.



The massive increase of smartphone usage is having an impact on how we relate to the world around us. Everyone anywhere on earth is within our vicinity, reachable instantly in real-time.  A manifestation of this new hyper-connected reality is the Global Choreography project, a dance routine developed specifically for humans anno now, to which the mobile phone is almost like a natural extension to their body. Read more…

News Transformation Agency


What if we could experience daily news in a more personal way – and script a different future while doing so? The News Transformation Agency is a new project by artist group YKON, internationally known for their participatory projects dealing with utopian issues. The project approaches the overwhelming aspect of global news as a potential platform for civic action – for local, emotional and transformative standpoints.  Read more…

Urban Takes Helsinki


What meanings do we attach to the city space while documenting it, and how does the social video landscape reflect urban realities? Urban Takes Helsinki, a project by Michelle Teran, looks at personal stories and different perspectives of Helsinki as depicted through online video. The project is created in collaboration with seven amateur videomakers living in the city who post their videos on YouTube. Read more…

Giants of the Hoods

Giants of the Hoods is an interactive mobile guerilla art influenced street performance and urban VJ intervention. In the project, local residents participate by creating visual characters representing characters of their neighbourhood, and animating them with their own dancing and video scratching. In creating the animations, the team uses Animata, an open source real-time animation software, developed by Kitchen Budapest to create animations, interactive background projections for concerts, theatre and dance performances. Read more…

We are the people, this is the place

Liverpool’s famous community media project tenantspin co-produced a project for Media Facades 2010 Festival with local residents in Helsinki and Liverpool. The project was realized in workshops focusing on local people’s conceptions of normality and citizenship, and the co-creation process produced two short films: Kontula News and Four Bricks. Read more…