Night Searchers


Media Facades says farewell to Helsinki and the Lasipalatsi Square with two artists who have been intently following the night of the city.  Seppo Renvall and Maija Saksman present their film and video stories with live music on the facade of the Old Bus Station.

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The Spectre of People


The Spectre of People is a virtual demonstration and participatory art project where a citizen movement is given an immaterial form.

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Conducting Senses


Conducting Senses is an audiovisual experience that makes possible for audiences to interact with large projection mapping in city landscapes.

Two leap motion sensors are controlled by four participants. Each one controls both visual and sound elements. The sensors enable the capture of a wide range of the user’s hands movements, emulating the gestures of a conductor in front of an orchestra and giving a 3D spatial feel to the experience, involving the participants and audience in an immersive sensorial environment. Read more…

Tales from Frontiers


Tales from Frontiers is an outdoor media performance consisting of facade video projection, soundtrack and live music performance.
The visual elements of the project come forth, change and hide in the continuum of lights, shadows and tones of the video projection. Are these the signs of a life once lived, or pieces of a language long since disappeared, or perhaps the remains of structures mangled by war? When looking at our environment, does our perception capture the whole or just the details? The work invites viewers to form their own interpretation. Read more…

Human Beeing


Our urban environment is constituted not only by the activities and processes of us humans, but also a variety of species that co-construct our habitat. Among them especially the bees are important for the natural balance and environment. Without bees, nature as we know (or made) would stop to exist, since they are most active in pollination on which one third of the human food supply depends on.

Human Beeing, an ecological videomapping project by The Constitute, honors the bees by making their activities visible in the city in a large-scale projection. Read more…

Dialogue – Deconstructed City

The new project Dialogue – Deconstructed City was an audio-visual project by VJ Group Random Doctors (VJFinland), in collaboration with experimental music and performance group Riders Of The Lost Current and sound artist Mér. The 3-hour spectacle took over the corner of Vaasankatu and Fleminingkatu on Saturday August 24, 2013.

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Air Hunger


Air Hunger creates an interactive projection, where the breath pattern of a participant generates a landscape for a virtual character to move on. People can participate in the projection by wearing a wireless breath rate monitoring belt around their chest. The belt is given to one person at a time and he/she can walk freely in front of the projection area, while producing an undulating landscape in real time via the bluetooth modem. Read more…