Urban Alphabets


Have you noticed all the letters around you? Would you like to create messages with a typography from your home town or a city you are visiting?

Urban Alphabets is an application that lets users use their smartphones to capture letters in their environments and reuse the typographical elements to write their own messages. It is a project realized by the Helsinki-based artist and designer Suse Miessner.

The messages written using the Urban Alphabets App can be sent to friends using social networks. This project raises interest in the everyday surroundings and encourages playful social communications.

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The massive increase of smartphone usage is having an impact on how we relate to the world around us. Everyone anywhere on earth is within our vicinity, reachable instantly in real-time.  A manifestation of this new hyper-connected reality is the Global Choreography project, a dance routine developed specifically for humans anno now, to which the mobile phone is almost like a natural extension to their body. Read more…

Kallio Archive


The Kallio district in Helsinki is currently changing rapidly through gentrification and real estate development. The Kallio Archive is an open media service documenting the life of the neighbourhood on video. The archive collects moments from a disappearing city and publishes its materials for free use on the web. It is based on a concept of “near media” which reflects urban memories online – and is used and produced by the residents. Read more…

Reading Kamppi


The urban mediascape is made of words, images – and code that binds it together. Reading Kamppi is a series of experimental small pieces, where artists interpret messages from the Kamppi area, by doing word and image searches online and on the streets. Read more…