Towards An Architect, Hannu Karjalainen 2010

Nordic Outbreak


Nordic Outbreak is a touring exhibition of media art from the Nordic countries. The art works have been curated specifically for presentation in public space.  A selection of Nordic Outbreak projects will be presented at the Media Facades 2013 in Helsinki in collaboration with Kiasma and the Streaming Museum.  A seminar on media art in public space was organized in context of the screenings on August 21, 2013. Read more…


The Race Code


The Race Code is a photography based installation that tackles with issues of race, culture and perceptions of one’s self and the other. The installation consists of a photo booth, a face recognition software and a wall projection of a matrix of faces. The program takes a passport-like picture of the viewer, performs instant measurements of the face, which then appears on the projected matrix of faces. Read more…


Giants of the Hoods

Giants of the Hoods is an interactive mobile guerilla art influenced street performance and urban VJ intervention. In the project, local residents participate by creating visual characters representing characters of their neighbourhood, and animating them with their own dancing and video scratching. In creating the animations, the team uses Animata, an open source real-time animation software, developed by Kitchen Budapest to create animations, interactive background projections for concerts, theatre and dance performances. Read more…