Artvertiser Helsinki


The “improved reality” project Artvertiser by Julian Oliver and Damian Stewart replaces billboard advertising with art – virtually. In the Artvertiser Helsinki workshop, May 4-6, 2011, artists and designers reworked urban visuals and shared the results with citizens on an urban walk. Read more…


Giants of the Hoods

Giants of the Hoods is an interactive mobile guerilla art influenced street performance and urban VJ intervention. In the project, local residents participate by creating visual characters representing characters of their neighbourhood, and animating them with their own dancing and video scratching. In creating the animations, the team uses Animata, an open source real-time animation software, developed by Kitchen Budapest to create animations, interactive background projections for concerts, theatre and dance performances. Read more…


City Sleep Light


Antoine Schmitt’s project for Media Facades Europe 2010, City Sleep Light makes a radical move by transforming a whole building into the sleep light of the city, akin to the sleep light of a computer. All the lights are pulsing together in an organic rhythm, turning the building into a living organism. Read more…


At Hand

At Hand is an interactive piece designed for touch screens in public space. The project is about urban gestures, micro spaces of the street and the possibility of encountering otherness. Its starting point is in European flows of migration and specifically the recent appearance of beggars in Helsinki’s city spaces. How should we encounter and respond to the new gestures of plea directed towards us? Read more…


Air Hunger


Air Hunger creates an interactive projection, where the breath pattern of a participant generates a landscape for a virtual character to move on. People can participate in the projection by wearing a wireless breath rate monitoring belt around their chest. The belt is given to one person at a time and he/she can walk freely in front of the projection area, while producing an undulating landscape in real time via the bluetooth modem. Read more…


Action Flocking


Realized by the OiOi collective, Action flocking is a collective action painting project, where the movement of people is visualized in real-time into graphics and particle animations that are projected onto the screen. The project explores and demonstrates collective visualization concepts that are based on location sensing technology. The concepts include a variety of game scenarios and visualization techniques and some of them can be played between cities. The purpose of the project is to invent participatory and playful forms to urban events.  Read more…


The Park

The Park is a video panorama (loop) depicting a space between the domesticated and the wild, a transmission stage between urban and natural environments. It is an autonomous zone with its own rules: in parks, things beyond the daily habits can be done. Read more…


We are the people, this is the place

Liverpool’s famous community media project tenantspin co-produced a project for Media Facades 2010 Festival with local residents in Helsinki and Liverpool. The project was realized in workshops focusing on local people’s conceptions of normality and citizenship, and the co-creation process produced two short films: Kontula News and Four Bricks. Read more…




Mimodek is an interactive-evolving and changing ‘living’ system, based on the principles of the natural world that ‘grows’ from the fabric of the city. As all living systems in nature, Mimodek reflects its own environment. It is a site-specific work, formed by unique, location-related data sources and by the behavior of the visitors. Every installation will evolve into a unique ‘organism’, reflecting its location. Mimodek does not visually mimic nature, but it introduces the city to some of the natural elements that are lacking. The work highlights the delicate relation between human beings and their environment, as well as their connection to the other living beings with whom they share this environment. Read more…


Graffiti Analysis

Graffiti Analysis 2.0 is a project created by Evan Roth in which the motion data of a graffiti tag is recorded, analyzed and archived in a free and open database. For Graffiti Analysis MFF2010, local artists, illustrators, graffiti artists and the general public was invited to record and submit their gestural creations, a selection of which was displayed throughout the Media Facades Festival 2010. All tags created in Graffiti Analysis were saved as Graffiti Markup Language (GML) files, a new digital standard used by other graffiti applications Roth has helped develop, including Laser Tag and EyeWriter. Read more…


The 25th hour of Kallio


For the Media Facades Festival 2010, gallery Alkovi and m-cult invited a group of artists to collaborate on a media art process reflecting urban space. The 25th hour of Kallio was a collaborative workshop and process of collective curating, where 11 artists worked together for one weekend in the neighbourhood of Kallio. Read more…