Future of the Square


In 2015, construction work will begin at the Lasipalatsi Square in the context of the new Amos Anderson Art Museum project to be finished in 2017. How should the square be re-thought so that it will provide a space for action for citizens and artists alike? These are some of the questions to be addressed by the debate on The Future of the Square, which is a co-operation between the To the Square 2 project and Media Facades.

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Fish-go-Round! is a live performance for electronic music, Radio Helsinki radiowaves, lights and dancers, tailored for the Lasipalatsi Square in Helsinki.

Music for the piece is composed by Shinji Kanki, who has created an experimental work where sounds of 40 different species of fish emerge from an ocean of white noise. The composition is dedicated to the Gulf of Finland Year 2014.
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I, Cloud / Uncharted


What is left of us if the cloud servers are destroyed in a global environmental crisis? The new pieces by Timo Bredenberg, I, Cloud and Uncharted, present an interpretation of the landscape beyond our technological reality – a dystopia where the infrastructures of net capitalism have been deserted.
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Organic Cinema


What if we can see and hear what plants talk about? What if we can pick up their inaudible whispers  – the signals, and make them audiovisual? By using the latest sensor technologies, Organic Cinema explores how local flora and fauna respond to their immediate environment. We will give them a voice!

Plants, bacteria and millions of other living entities surround us all the time and are vital to our well being – and they were the participants of this project. The main actors in Helsinki’s green installation were the Ostrich fern, the Raspberry, and the Ladies’ mantle.

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Human Beeing


Our urban environment is constituted not only by the activities and processes of us humans, but also a variety of species that co-construct our habitat. Among them especially the bees are important for the natural balance and environment. Without bees, nature as we know (or made) would stop to exist, since they are most active in pollination on which one third of the human food supply depends on.

Human Beeing, an ecological videomapping project by The Constitute, honors the bees by making their activities visible in the city in a large-scale projection. Read more…

Urban Alphabets


Have you noticed all the letters around you? Would you like to create messages with a typography from your home town or a city you are visiting?

Urban Alphabets is an application that lets users use their smartphones to capture letters in their environments and reuse the typographical elements to write their own messages. It is a project realized by the Helsinki-based artist and designer Suse Miessner.

The messages written using the Urban Alphabets App can be sent to friends using social networks. This project raises interest in the everyday surroundings and encourages playful social communications.

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The program for Helsinki Festival has been published!

Media Facades is a partner festival for Helsinki Festival.

Here you can find the program of the Helsinki Festival 2014: http://www.helsinginjuhlaviikot.fi/

Welcome to the Helsinki Festival!


Media Facades returns to Lasipalatsi Square, August 21-24

This year, Media Facades returns to the Lasipalatsi Square, where the new projects for 2014 will premiere on the Night of the Arts, August 21.

The theme for Media Facades 2014 is Participatory City. The are projects are shaped in interaction with the citizens – and this year also with other representatives of urban nature, such as the plants and the bees!

More information on the MFF2014 programme in the coming weeks.

Media Facades Helsinki production, Urban Alphabets by Suse Miessner

Media Facades festival produces this year Urban Alphabets by Suse Miessner.

Our touring program for 2014 already kicked off as Suse Miessner’s Urban Alphabet was presented at Medialab-Prado’s facade as part of the ARCO’2014 program in February 21. Urban Alphabets is going to travel around to many festivals from the Connecting Cities network in 2014.

Website of the project: www.ualphabets.com

Meeting of artists and curators January 28-29, Berlin / transmediale.14

The meeting of Connecting Cities curators and artists was held in Berlin in connection with transmediale.14 , January 28-29.

In the meeting the new projects were chosen and the program was decided for the Connecting Cities network and festivals for the year 2014.

The Connecting Cities artists and curators joined for the official transmediale.14 program and continued with a Connecting Cities Panel discussing the topic Blackout on the 31 January. On the following day the Connecting Cities’ workshop analyzed the potential of urban media facades, visual language, audience and participation and telepresence.